What is Primary Water?

Where does water originate as we see it?  When found, what happens when this origin of water (primary water) meets the water on the surface of the earth?  Why is it that only a few of us on earth know water’s origin when it was stated in our scriptures thousands of years ago that there are 2 firmaments: One within the earth (cause or lower firmament) and one on the surface and atmosphere of the earth (effect or upper firmament)?  What is the lower firmament and why has it taken thousands of years to know and feel ‘Her’ existence?  Is it time we came to knowthis?

“All of creation is yearning for the redemption of man.”  This would mean that all things are alive and are looking for the acceptance of mankind.  No one can deny that water is the root cause of our economy.  Then, why is it we or mankind, have built an economy out of polluting water?  Isn’t there a better way out of this mess? 

Dr. Yull Brown explained that the sun is water.  That the small particles calledaether lingering in space enter the poles of every planet; the beginning of what we see as water on earth in the earth’s birth canal.  This water is waiting for the right vibration on the surface of the earth to be fully born.  In the eyes of scientists, some have called it plasma, ozone, deuterium or other terms, but regardless of what we call it, this water never reaches the surface whole, without the proper signal from mankind. It (she) will die being misunderstood as ‘she’ enters her most important time, which is to meet again with the sunlight.  Without the human heart, ‘she’ will only be caged up and will eventually join the polluted water on the earth’s surface. 

We have been told through our poetry, our art and our music for thousands of years. Example:

“Mole is burrowing her way to the sunlight. She knows there is someone there so strong.” Moody Blues 1970.  

So, we have decided to go to America’s oldest lake for answers.  In fact, Clear Lake in Northern California is known as the last of the oldest seeable volcanoes along the ring of fire. It is a volcano that is part of the ring of fire, that entered the ocean some three million years ago and thus making Clear Lake the oldest lake in America.  This research gave us an example of what we all live by.   When Dr.Emoto from Japan, came to Clear Lake in 2005, he noticed that the lake’s crystal molecule in the water, was the most complex he had ever seen.  This is what Dr. Brown explained years earlier about the complexity of the water coming from deep under the earth’s surface just like deep inside us. Yes, there are so many ways to invent and so many ways to heal. These ways should never stop. But don’t we all agree that they all come from a source? To add these two firmaments as one is our goal. Shouldn’t it be the goal for all of us?

This equality is necessary to allow the physical particles on earth back into the aether and to keep the cycle of life going (Brown’s Gas 1996 – Transmuting of Nuclear Waste). 

There will be a delegate from Japan representing the Emoto Foundation who will be coming to the west coast of the United States this October. So please stay tuned to Clearwatervision.org for times and schedules.

Thank you.

Russell Anderson


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