There are many others who understand the importance of this mission. 

The Fourth Phase of Water:

What You Don’t Know About Water, and Really Should

Water is clearly one of the most important factors for your health—especially when you consider that your body actually consists of over 99 percent water molecules! I sincerely believe water is a really underappreciated part of the equation of optimal health.


Basic Suggestions to Clear & Enliven our Own Internal Waters

Did you know we are 99.98% Water by Molecular Volume?

Did you know that Water is an Intelligent, Living, Liquid Crystal? 

💧Purify our Internal Waters Influence & Purify the Worlds …By Sympathetic Resonance

Lets begin by learning a tad about the magnificence of Water:

💦The Secrets of Water 💧The Documentary of Viktor Schauberger 👇👇


💦Water Memory- Documentary about Water & Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Montagnier 👇👇


Water is Life by Isabel Friend 💧👇


What actions can We Take in order to Purify Our Own Internal Water?  💦💧

🌀Feel Gratitude! 

for every little tiny or big blessing.

See? Grateful for vision  Walk? Grateful for legs

Breathe? Grateful for lungs.

-Hundreds of gratitude examples!

-Improves every cell at the DNA level and deeper.

-Brings in more peace & abundance.

Here is Dr. Bruce Lipton on the power of gratitude: 👇



Forgiveness -start with forgiving ourselves, First. 

by don Miguel Ruiz with Janet Mills

Forgiveness is an act of self-love. You must forgive those who hurt you, even if what they did to you is unforgivable in your mind. You will forgive them not because they deserve to be forgiven, but because you dont want to suffer and hurt yourself every time you remember what they did to you.” Read more👇


🌀BREATHE!!  There are many YouTube videos on why breath is so important …here is one:

  💦Why is breath work so important -Dr. Andrew Weil:👇


  💦Wim Hoff breathing technique:👇


🌀Become Heart Coherent (including Brain-Gut-Vagus Coherent) 

Our emotional soup” or chemistry, affects our health and our interactions with others.

Learn to build coherence and resilience !👇



  💦The Hearts intuitive Intelligence –fascinating 7 minute video showing how our Heart wave” influences everything around us!

👉   https://youtu.be/QdneZ4fIIHE

💦Heart Brain & Gut Coherence -SF Walker:👇👇



There are hundreds of YouTube videos on why & how to meditate.

Use discernment and start to meditate with the one that you resonate with. The following are a few suggestions to explore:

   💦Transcendental Meditation TM.org  

   💦 Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction https://www.mbsrtraining.com/

   💦Walk-sit-BE with Trees & Nature–  https://www.spiritualityhealth.com/articles/2021/02/16/the-wisdom-of-trees

🌀Ground on Mother Earth – (bare feet 👣 on earth)

   💦  Watch Grounding the Full Documentary”



🌀Move!! Your internal waters need to move!  Did you know we are 99.95% water by molecular volume? Water is a living crystal.

What happens when water is stagnant?  Every waking hour we need to move a bit, like a stream. Check out this fantastic resource website, watch the free learning videos, sign up for a class and meet

Isabel Friend, Water Ambassador https://www.waterislife.love/

🌀Prayer – The Divine wants us Whole & Healthy.

  💦Talking to the water with Pat McCabe 👇


🌀Clear Mercury and other heavy metals -everyone needs to find Their Own Detox method. This is NOT medical advice. Members of our Advisory Board have used detox protocols from the following few suggestions.

There are many Heavy Metal Detox protocols-DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH  and decide if, when and which practitioner to follow.

Some suggestions for research:

  💦Dr. Edward Group from https://globalhealing.com/our-story/dr-group


💦Anthony Williams – https://www.medicalmedium.com/blog/heavy-metal-detox-smoothie


💦David Avocado Wolfe – https://www.davidwolfe.com/detox-organ-never-sick-tired/

  💦John Moore Protocol -AGAIN , follow your own discernment and do your own research-this is NOT medical advise.

  • Every other day members of our Advisory Team use 4 drops of NCD (Natural Cellular Defense)      http://www.waiora.com   into warm bath water. Soak for 20 minutes. Scrub off with soap & shower, then clean tub.

🌀Learn about Deuterium & Lower it to optimal levels :



🌀Miracle II 


🌀Urine Therapy ( WHA?? Yes, you read correctly.)

  💦Urine therapy and Ayurveda with Cate Stillman:👇


  💦Dr. Edward Group discussion 👇Urine therapy:


🌀Nourish with Organics plants, grass fed, pastured

AND Nourish with sight sound hearing👇

  💦 CHOOSE  what we Say, Read, Look at, Listen  to

There are literally hundreds of suggestions to purify our Internal Waters.

We have The Power to Choose to be the best we can be.

 It All Starts Within our Internal Waters. 

(Date created 9-13-2022 Stephanie Dougherty)