About Clear Water Vision

The many years of holistic research by Russell Anderson and all his past experiences, has helped bring together a group of very highly talented visionaries, scientists and business people. In 2008, Clear Water Vision, a non-profit corporation was created from these efforts.

Mr. Anderson has been giving presentations in various cities and counties in Northern California and has also attended the 2008 National Summit of Mining Communities in Montana. Recently, the organization has been developing a team to investigate and remediate the polluting effects of mercury in and around Clear Lake and the Yolo Pass around the city of Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay.

CWV is developing a documentary feature and educational videos to further explain to the public the research discoveries in the newly emerging fields of structured and primary water, especially how they are being demonstrated at Clear Lake in efforts to reverse adverse health effects on the local Native people.

This is a story about Clearlake.

 I would be the first to tell you that I am not the one who should be telling you this story. To me it started when a very holy man explained to me that I should continue what I was doing some 13 years ago. Without that tutoring I would have walked away from any of this truth. To this day, I continue to look for those that will help with this project or prove me wrong. Even so, I have done my best with the resources I have, to make sure all that I have found is true. The bases of these findings I have to admit come from a more intuitive or spiritual level. It is from that level that I firmly believe the studies on this region will become even more evident to the public and will reach the hearts of Americans as a metaphor of who we are…. Russell Anderson © 2005