A commentary by Russell Anderson

A commentary by Russell Anderson


This all makes sense now. I’m wondering if it means more to each one of us that we have learned from Egyptian latitude and Mexico latitude and how that relates to the other latitudes of the earth. The wake-up of America as asked by Pachamama can now also apply to the 38th latitude (parallel) as the X showed us where the Primary Water is but led us to the latitudes and longitudes (Heavens Cross ) of the North. This was displayed in the 2 last Eclipses in the US where they both met at the 38th parallel to show that the 2 opposing forces are not opposing at all. No more opposing… the beginning of love for all.

We have two meetings this week and I am asking for your prayers.

10 meetings with Clayton Nolte (who John Moore said was 5 times greater in structured water than all others just before Hohn passed 2 years ago and with Loren Zanear (who was told was the teacher of Dr. Emoto many years ago before his passing).

20 A meeting with the drillers of the Primary Water who now are beginning to understand the frequency of human thought from the heart and are now interested in using their technology alongside Native Americans in this Country.

We want to be transparent in these meetings. After these meetings are called, I will ask those interested in Clear Water Vision for further meetings to follow in this type of growth.

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